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Hotcig DX200 (and DIY) Fast Ramp up 200 W+?


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I replaced the battery in my Hotcig DX200 with a Turnigy Nanotech 950 mah (great fit, btw).
I have charged it and used it several times, no issues.
While vaping yesterday, it ramped up really fast and hot. I noticed the battery needed charging so I charged it. Battery full, vape, fast ramp up, super hot, 2 attempts.

I had recently RMA'd 2 boards from DIY's that had failed in a similar fashion, fast ramp up and sparks and then died. I wanted none of that.
I will replace the batteries too. They are puffy and I'm not sure if that is a natural puffy or an extreme use puffy. They test fine with a multimeter.
This is all after usage of several months to a year.

So I hook up to Escribe and while downloading settings I got he message that (paraphrasing)
the file was incomplete and the offer to set to defaults. I did so and then uploaded a saved config.
So far so good. Vaping just fine

What happened to the settings file? Never got the chance to find out if this was the culprit on my 2 RMA'd boards. Symptoms similar, but this board did not die, .......

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Sparks or flare and bright light from the coils, within a week of each other, boards had seen extensive use, several months to a year.
Both atties ended up with broken legs. 2 different boards, 2 different atties. 1 in TC mode and a clapton coil in wattage mode.
Both have been replaced and are waiting to be placed into service. The thing that is the same with the 3 mods, extreme heat. 2 boards died, the recent board had an apparently corrupted rom. I did not notice any flare up, just the heat.

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