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Lost Vape Efusion Duo battery problems


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So I had my Efusion Duo for about three months and one night the screen went blank, wouldn't come on for nothing. Thankfully Lost Vape has a 6 month warranty. I just got it back after a month in the mail today...
When it died I had taken the Lipo out and put the battery tray in to try and see if the battery was the problem and didnt think about putting the Lipo back in when I sent it out. So I get it back today and it seems to work fine with the 2 18650's but when I plug in the Lipo and change the settings in Escribe I still dont get the "charging" bolt on the screen and it says 0% for the battery charge and it says "check Battery".
Under the device monitor it's telling me that "Pack" is at 4.28V, Cell 1 @ 1.49V, Cell 2 @ 1.39V, Cell 3 @ 1.39V.
I keep looking at the Mod tab and I know Ive set it up correctly (14.43 for a 1300 3 cell)
 Did the battery fry when the board did? ( the general tab tells me they put a new board in via the date is only 2 months old now.
Do I really have to deal with warranty again?

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Sounds like your lipo pack might be bad. Do you have access to another voltmeter to verify the pack and/or cell voltage. If it's truly at ~1.4-1.5v per cell, I personally would not attempt to recharge it. Replacement packs are fairly inexpensive, or maybe the manufacturer would help you out.

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