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Efusion DNA 200 Issues


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Hey all, I'm new here (not new to vaping or DIY) but I was hoping to get an idea of what may have happened to my Efusion DNA 200. It was functioning fine when one day I pressed the fire button and nothing happened, like the mod was completely off. I powered it up and it was reading very low battery (before it died it was somewhere around 50-60%), and I pressed the fire button and it once again shut itself off. I thought it was peculiar but hey anything is possible, so I plugged it in and let it charge for 20-30 minutes and when I took it off it hadn't charged, I pressed the fire button again and it once again shut off. After more testing, I was able to get it to stay on with no atomizer attached, as soon as I screwed an atomizer on about halfway, it would shut down. I took the board out, saw some weak solder points, attempted to fix them and it still does the same thing. The other night I was messing with it and I got the atomizer on most of the way and it started auto-firing (scary, so I took it off right away). Now I know since I tried to repair it Evolv will not really be much help, but I'm mainly wondering if this sounds like a board issue. I figure it had to be because the 510 is a pretty simple part to be causing a problem. I was thinking about replacing the board because I love the mod but I don't need to be wasting money if that isn't the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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