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Dna 200 build. led switch. now finished with pics

John la

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OK so I have read everything on this fourm and just want to make sure this is right. First pic is from the website I purchased my button from. 2nd pic is one from this fourm. 3rd pic is dna 200 chip with 100 omh resistor. 4th is the box with button. Now from what I have read I should wire it like the 2nd pic? And I feel like this resistor is big have not solder one before. Can it touch the board or should it be floating a bit? Thanks for the help guys





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I've never solder anything like this before it was so small but here it is everything is holding tight and it's not touching the board. I see when you zoom in the one lead doesn't look right it's just some extra solder on the metal that came of the solder gun the connections are just like the pic above. I will let everyone know once I finish my mod in a couple days if the led work thanks.


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So here is the finished product I didn't not wire it up the same as pic number 2 (from my first post at the top and the first reply) I soldered off the connection so couldn't make it work like that. So I removed the resistor and installed it on the button and we'll you can see how I connected everything else in the pic. so far for the day I have been using it no problems lights up when I push the button. I think I'm in love. If you have any questions pm I'm on here at least once a week asking questions hahaha




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