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VTBOX200 Battery Trouble


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Hello, I've got a real problem:

My mod doesn't work, I guess, it's battery trouble.

Everytime on the screen "SHORTED" and battery status 0.

What can I do? 

This is new mod from GearBest (bought about 2 weeks ago)

I hope you help me. 

With best wishes, 




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ChunkyButt200 said:

the reason it's saying shorted is because the board sees NO battery connected. the board is being powered strictly from the USB cable. make sure your battery connections/taps are secure and making good contact. you could try "USB recovery charge" from escribe. doubt it will work though. 

I'll try to reconnect Li Po, then my mod turn off, when I put battery back - he shows again "shorted" and 0 charged ...

I make "usb recovery charge" but that's not help. He doesn't see battery level


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I suggest again contacting Gearbest for warranty repair or replacement.

You can also submit a ticket with Evolv at:

Explain your issue and they will reply back to you.  I guess they could have you remove and send the DNA200 circuit board to them or send the device but that is their call.

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