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efusion dup third cell reading???


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hey gang!! ive got a curious issue i could use some enlightenment on. 

my efusion duo reads 1.24v in the third cell even tho its in 18650 mode. ive got it set to 2 cell, lithium polymer. those and the watt hours are the only settings ive touched. 


its been like that since i bought it 6 months ago or so. it doesnt seem to affect its performance. it was brought to my attention in a facebook group by another duo owner who was curious why my third cell had a reading. i thought it was normal, but his duo doesnt show a reading in device monitor there like mine does. 

whats the reason for mine showing the reading??

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yeah, im not concerned that itsa problem or anything. ive been using this with 316l since i got it in tc with the 18650's and at this point id say its flawless. 

just kind of odd that another duo owner has zero on the third cell reading, which is what id expect considering its a 2 cell configuration. 

kind of odd as well is when i highlight that third cell in the device monitor its reading does drop as i hit the mod so its in the loop somehow. ? 

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