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Weird Batter Meter Issue? Perhaps, or maybe not?


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 Okay DNA folks

I have a lost Vapes Halcyon, has a LiPo, and the spec sheet on the DNA website claims it's 11.1 v Pack.

 I just downloaded the new Escribe software update, downloaded the service pack, and at first it was telling me the battery was empty, apparently a common issue with this SP.

I restored the defaults, then the pack registered charge again, and as I was looking in the monitor it said the pack is reading 11.47 v @ 3.82 v each per cell. The Monitor and device itself are claiming that the LiPo is only 51% charged, and slowly climbing.

But I am curious is this normal parameters?


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You should see that the Li-Po will charge to 4.20 volts each cell with pack voltage at 12.60 volts when the device is set to maximum puffs.  Continue to let it charge and see what the full charge looks like... The lightning bolt in the battery bar of the device should go away when the battery pack is fully charged.

The 11.1 Volt spec is 3.7 volts per cell nominal.

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