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Had it sorted, then got up this morning to a bottomed out meter on a fully charged LiPo, went in to diagnostics, reset the charge estimate, and it snaps back, until the unit goes idle, then as soon as I fire it the meter craps out again.


This is in reference to a DNA 200 Lost Vapes Halcyon.


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What FW version are you running.....

See this in the Early Firmware (Post #1) Recommended....:

*** EScribe 1.2 SP5a ***
https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupES_1_2_SP5a_ServicePack.exe (11MB service pack)
https://download-mirror.evolvapor.com/SetupES_1_2_SP5a_ServicePack.exe (slower, alternate download link)
This service pack is mostly bug fixes.

On the device side:
- DNA 200 and DNA 250 no longer lose the battery meter on startup sometimes.
- Calibration values have been improved slightly for newer DNA 200s and DNA 250s. (More accurate USB Voltage, mainly.)
- Temperature Protected and other messages now show the correct number of flashes again.
- Some VaporShark DNA 200s would reset charging when above 0.8A with 1.2 SP3 and 1.2 SP4. They now charge at full speed.

On the EScribe side:
- Device Monitor no longer shows Battery Cell 3 on 2-cell devices (except in debug mode).
- Get Information shows test information in an easier-to-read form.
- Production Utility's Battery Test is now more thorough. It also shows a progress bar.
- Production Utility's Fire Test completes more quickly now. It also shows a progress bar.
- This resolves some more scaling issues in Large Fonts mode and some crash bugs.
- Minor bug and compatibility fixes.

[SP5a fixes a few minor EScribe bugs in SP5.]

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