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Need a repair on my dna200 box mod


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retird said:

hum.... Vaporlips sports a lifetime warranty?????  Looks like they are the go-to since you bought it from them...

I got a different response sent to my email from unless you edited post. I would love to send my stuff back to them but they took for ever to make my mod 7 or 8 months plus when I started questioning them emails went unanswered. There's a whole story I could get into but I have tried to contact them about it and no response. Anyways I'll try the link you originally posted since I am in Hawaii were the person you mentioned is.
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EightBitLife said:

Thank you hopefully they can. If not I don't know what to do.

can you post a screenshot of device monitor with the "battery" options checked?

if vapor lips fails you, you could open a help ticket with Evolv and see what their response is. just know, they might require you to de-solder the board from the mod and send only the board to them.
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