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DNA 250, Button lights


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Just got a custom DNA250 mod, the caps for pressing the onboard buttons are clear and light up Red when you fire the mod, now i thought this would be like the DNA75, and i could change or disable the lights, but there is no option under themes in escribe like there is for the DNA75.
Ive tried a fresh install of escribe under a new windows user account and still no option, is this right, am i stuck with horrible red lights every time i fire the mod?

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I saw mod sledz post a glow in the dark battery sled.  In fact I could have sworn I was on some site and it was something I could pick in a drop down box, but after finding it once, I couldn't find it again.  I really wanted to get a GITD board and battery holder.  Then tuck a small UV LED in the case.  

That way throughout the day when I used it, it would charge all the guts so they'd glow when you opened the case in the dark.  Like to change batteries.  

I know I saw those sleds.  But I couldn't find them when it was time to build my alpinetech box.  Which made me a little sad. 

I agree the red kinda clashes. 

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