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Battery Max sustained and peak input settings

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum and  mod building in general so apologies if this question is obvious.

I've looked for the answer through the forum but cant seem to find a definitive answer.

My question is -

I recieved the Dna 75 chip with the Battery Max sustained current setting at 28 Amps and the peak input 32A. The battery soft cell is set at 2.75v.

If my battery is rated at max a continous of 20A (25R and 30Q batteries) will this not cause a vent if I'm using the full 75W of power?

For example:

If I am using a 0.4 ohm coil @ 75W the output amps will be 13.7 Amps.

The input amps at say 3v @ 75w would equal 25Amps drawn from the battery. This is over the battteries max continous amperage?

Am I missing something here that makes the Battery Max sustained and peak input settings safe to use with my battery? or should I be changing these settings to match my battery?

I am using a single battery set up design with either a 25R or 30Q (Both 20amps)


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Cheers mate, much appreciated, although I have looked at this before so you could clear this up for me if you dont mind.

So according to PDF the PCB has a circuit built in that knows my battery can only discharge at a max of 20amps even though I havnt set anything up IN escribe yet? Just to be clear, this PCB has come straight from evolv its not in a manufactured device.

Thanks again,

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All of my DNA devices use the default settings from Evolv for Max input.....  as I said..."  there are a lot of safety features built into the board.... if the battery can't provide the power required for the example you give then the device will still fire but at a reduced wattage".  

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I think the bottom line is that the battery under normal load, think effective resistive load, won't supply more current than it is capable of.  Under "dead short" or effective dead short conditions that goes out the window along with the battery and the magic smoke that makes it work.  As the current demand goes up the delivered voltage will drop and the protective circuits on the DNA board will "see" that and limit power accordingly.  It's amazing just how much can be packed into a chip today.

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