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There is no way to turn them off, like all electronics that have buttons the circuit needs to remain partially on to listen for the button press to turn it back on.  They use very little power when in sleep mode and you can lock them if you are concerned about it firing in you pocket or bag.

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Although slightly differeng to the question, one of the things ive found with lipo over li-mn batteries is a shelved mod with 18650 or 26650 batteries do show the effects of a parasitic drain, when shelved for a few weeks, show a small percentage of loss on battery indicator, where the holding and volume of the lipo seems to go on and on with no loss indicated on the little battery icon on mod screen. Ive never bought a lipo that has taken moor than half hour to bring up to full ballance/charge. They are now using lipo batteries in the motor industry for their compact size, weight, superior holding and cranking power. But expensive.. not that i'm knocking the li-mn batteries though, all the mods i have with 18650 and 26650 have been running for at least two years and charged and drained hundreds of times like their capability claimed by the manufacturers and still running fine..

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