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Best solder to use for DNA 250

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Make sure you use a good flux meant for electronics, NEVER use soldering paste sold in the plumbing section of hardware stores unless you damn sure it's safe to use on boards! Most of these contain Zinc Chloride flux, it is corrosive and conductive and it will continue to keep corroding. It's used in soldering copper pipes for plumbing, not something you ever want to use on electronics.

Zinc chloride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a metallurgical flux
Zinc chloride has the ability to react with metal oxides (MO) to give derivatives of the formula MZnOCl2.[32] This reaction is relevant to the utility of ZnCl2 solution as a flux for soldering â€” it dissolves oxide coatings exposing the clean metal surface.[32] Fluxes with ZnCl2 as an active ingredient are sometimes called "tinner's fluid". Typically this flux was prepared by dissolving zinc foil in dilute hydrochloric aciduntil the liquid ceased to evolve hydrogen; for this reason, such flux was once known as "killed spirits". Because of its corrosive nature, this flux is not suitable for situations where any residue cannot be cleaned away, such as electronic work.

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