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  1. on tfv8 ohms jumped from .13 to .18 to .16. when fired. weird. other custom dna devices the ohms do not jump with same tfv8. 510 defective perhaps?
  2. bluntmoment

    colored wattage actuators

    looking for some red or green roung wattage actuators for the N1 enclosures , I can only get silver, gold, or black from my supplier. Any ideas? I already looked via google.
  3. thank you. it looks easy enough I suppose. Any suggestions on where to find the resistors?
  4. need some help here, I am looking to use fire buttons with leds on my DNA 250 builds. Cannot seem to find a clear answer on where to solder on the board for the led portion.
  5. bluntmoment

    This has got me confused.....

    for some reason I cannot get a screen shot of device monitor. But I did notice that the Wh keep changing itself from what I had it set up as which is 33.3wh to 19.79wh. The cells are 3.86v, 3.87v. 3.87v., and the room temp states -19.99F, board temp -39.99F
  6. bluntmoment

    This has got me confused.....

    I have built a mod using the DNA250 screen. everything came out pretty good, solder points look good etc. I have charged this mod once since I have built it. It charged just fine w/o any issues. Now this morning I was at 60% so I figured I would charge it at work. When I first plugged in the usb charger the lightning bolt came on but it started flashing, I have never seen this before. Since then the flashing has stopped however it hasn't charged at all, still on 60% and its been around 40 mins on the charger. I am using a Turnigy Graphene 3000mAh. I have all the settings changed via escribe. The others I have built using this same set up have worked just fine. Now this one is giving me fits lol
  7. bluntmoment


    yassir, thank you for all of your help.
  8. bluntmoment


    thank you, I am gonna take it all apart tonite and check the screen. Any secrets to pushing in the ribbon to make sure it goes all the way in? it seems I can get it a little more than half way in. Thanks again for your help.
  9. bluntmoment


    i put my tfv8 on there and now i notice the ohms are jumping. possible the 510 isn't tight enough or is this because i might not have the screen in all the way?
  10. bluntmoment


    ok ill check that out, shitty part is that I expoxied the damn thing in already w/ the board holder to the enclosure. Didn't see it on test fire before mounting, must have pulled out some during installation, thank you for your help!
  11. bluntmoment


    DNA 250 screen glitch? I have 3 little bars - - - in between ohms and volts on my screen. cant seem to correct this. any ideas? never have seen this before on any other of my DNA 250 devices
  12. 1st attempt on DNA 250 the negative was a success but the positive I over soldered and it seems it have pulled up a little. Now it's pulling up with a small piece of circuit board. It is still attached to a bad soldering job. Hey it was my first attempt. But Can I send it in to have it fixed? I'd hate to just throw it away.
  13. bluntmoment

    Best solder to use for DNA 250 flux is what I ordered, now which solder do you recommend?