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Question about refinement


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Hello all,

Does the refinement lock in as it were to the particular profile that's being used ?

As what I've just asked above may not make sense, here's what I'm getting at:

Profile 3 is called SS316L v4 and uses material SS316V4
Profile 4 is called SS316L DB and uses material SS316DB

I use my Snapdragon with profile SS316L v4 when at home, and in the morning I pop on my Merlin and switch profile to SS316L DB.
Would the refinement for each atomizer be remembered the next time I install it ?
Or does it re-set when a different atty is installed ?

I'm still having issues with temp control not working (keeps going to OFF) and am wondering if this is because it's not refining correctly, or can't because of me switching out attys.
Last night I switched back to the Merlin, and left the Therion on over night(which I don't normally do)  and all today it's been behaving correctly.
Although now I've got home it seems to have changed, but I have been outside all afternoon at about 9c and my house is at about 20c.

So another question is, would it be better to just have one SS316L profile to use on both atty's that use essentially the same wire (ones single and ones dual coil, but same wire)
Or if I used two profiles that used the same material, would they refine individually, and keep the refinement even when swapping atty's ???

Sorry hopefully I made some sense somewhere in there o.O

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the refined resistance will not be remembered when switching tanks, profiles, waking up from hard sleep (off), unless you lock resistance after refinement. replacing batteries erases refinement regardless if res is locked or not. if you have 2 profiles with the same material, each TC profile will have refinement for whatever resistance it sees for that profile. refinement isn't profile specific. it's just a program that runs in the background whenever the board  is TC mode and sees any TC coil. 

you can lock in a res to a specific profile and that res should be remembered regardless of sleep, changing batts. i think.

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