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jdguinto said:

i got this from Thinkvape support.

oh god finally i found the .ecig file in here, i lost my logo too because i forgot to backup it, but why i cant download it? it says i dont have the permission.
edit: nevermind i can download it via third party downloader haha, thanx anyway
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Link to Lost Vape:


In the Downloads area:

SELECT THE DEVICE YOU HAVE AND DOWNLOAD the Firmware file TO YOUR COMPUTER.  Open the file in Escribe and upload to your device....

It is always good to backup your .ecig file to computer in case you need it in the future.  

If you don't find your device .ecig file listed for download you could contact Lost Vape and they should send it to you... Click on "Contact" from the link above...

EDIT:  You posted you wanted the Lost Vape theme....... Isn't the Finder 250 actually from Think Vape?  I may have given you the wrong web site if the Think Vape theme is what you really wanted.

Link for Think Vape Tech Support.....


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