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VTBox 250 Broken Screen / Dead Box

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Hello everyone!

I'll keep it short, the screen started flickering a few days ago and now has gone completely black. The mod kept working for a few minutes there, before dying completely off.

It had just been charged and Escribe sees it perfectly, but other than that no signs of life.
Maybe it's just the screen and I cant see if it's locked, but I reset and hard rebooted and nothing changed.

Any suggestions on how to approach this? 

Please delete/move discussion if not in the correct section.


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You just said it appears to be firing.  If it won't fire using the "Puff" function for 3 seconds then you may have a problem with the device or the circuit board.  You might contact the vendor if the device is still in warranty.  If not in warranty you could start a ticket with Evolv and they will guide you...

Evolv Help Desk:


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Yes, because I though the variations in the graph meant firing, but I was wrong.

Thank you, I contacted the vendor (only one month old) and am now waiting for the reply, even though in the previous message they asked for 100 dollars handling fee, when the whole box costed 115.

I thought GearBest was reasonable or something!

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