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Steam Engine TC Precision Number Meaning


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Using the default coil setup on the Wire Wizard page of 30 AWG, 2mm, 8 wraps, the TC Precision number for Stainless Steel 316L is 879 and Nickel 200 (TFR) is 780. I thought nickel was the more accurate of the 2 yet the TC Precision number is lower with the nickel than the SS. If the wire with the higher TC precision number is the more accurate wire, than why is SS so difficult? I suspect it's the curve that's important. If that's the case, what value do the "TC Precision" numbers have? If one cannot/should not rely on this number when selecting a TC wire, what should one use? ( I realize there are many variables dependent on the individual. I ask strictly based on accuracy of the wire.)

Considering the difficulty mods have dealing with SS, particularly with 316, why is it so popular and not 430? The TC number according to SE is considerably higher for SS 430 at 1105 with the aforementioned coil specifications.

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My thoughts on the reason for 316 being in demand more than 430: 316 is a higher grade used for medical equipment. 316 was being used with mechanical's early on as it is what was availible (welding wire) Just my opinion here.
The resistance change between cold and hot coil is to be considered, the more change the easier for the board to work with it.

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