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Help using dna 75


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I am having issues with getting the right amount of wattage to my device. I used a custom csv that I made using wire wizard on steam engine website for a dual fused clapton 26g/36g Kanthal / N80 wrap.  I set up my profiles to use this as temp control and set the wattage to the max.  I uploaded settings and when I fire the box up it does not hit max wattage.  It only reaches 65 max wattage.  I have tried different batteries (sammy 25r and sony VTC 4), and two different RDA's. (Kennedy 25 and a Apocalypse V2) Rda, my battery is fulling charged and the setting I have are as followed.
Preheat Power: 75w
Preheat punch: 11
Preheat time: 1s
Power:        75w
Temperature 450f
Temperature dominant on.
I have also built a fused clapton 26g/32g 316l with the same problems.  Can somebody point me in the right direction.  

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Ohm Law  6 wrap coil
                                     ohms .257
my 26g/36g kanthal/n80 voltage is 3.7V
                                     amps are  19A
               5 wrap coils
                                     ohms .117
26g/32g kanthal/316l      voltage is 3.7V
                                     amps are 16.4A
                                     ohms .09
24g/32g 316l                 voltage is 3.7v
                                    amps are 39.8A
               10 wrap coils
26g/32g 316l                 Ohms .213
                                    voltage 3.7v
                                    amps are 17.4

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With "cold ohms" at "?" it either isn't seeing the atomizer of you need to press the fire button once to get a reading.  If it isn't seeing the atomizer, check the connection between the atomizer and the mod, after that the connection between the 510 and board inside the mod.

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Can you post a printscreen (the entire screen) of your Mod tab and Device Monitor while firing.

With Device Monitor showing you just hit the "prt sc" button on your computer.
Open a Paint software program and click on "Paste".
You can change size, orientation, and etc. in the Paint software.
Save this to your computer.
Attach the saved file to a post here.


(if you press [ALT]+[PRT SCN], open MSPaint and paste [CTRL]+[V] you have a screen shot from any program, that you can save and upload)


Sniping tool

AND what are these errors you've mentioned

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