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What batteries for DNA 250

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I just recently got my first DNA's and was wondering what brand and mah/amp batteries work best for DNA 250 chip.  I need to know for a Triade 250 (3x18650) and Therion 166 (2x18650).  Also I have been thinking about getting a DNA 75 and was wondering which batteries are best for that board since I've heard its kinda picky with batteries. I don't know if it matters but the lowest I vape at is like 50 watts and the highest is about 120 watts. Thanks

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... I thought dna's needed high amp batteries

That all depends on your vaping characteristics. Lower mAh, higher Amps for those vaping at higher wattages with less battery sag. Higher mAh for longer run time.

Remember the amp draw is shared amongst cells. For a single battery 75, i go higher Amps and carry a spare in a silicone sleeve or container. 

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DNA devices have a Weak Battery feature, where as the battery voltage sags due to inability to deliver the desired power, it will lower its demands until the battery can meet it. So, a lower current battery may appear to work. It may, however, begin to show Weak Battery at a higher percentage of charge. This isn't a failure on the device's part -- the battery just can't deliver. (As an aside, many people lower their Soft Cell Cutoff thinking it will give them more battery life. This is lowering Voltage 5-10% to increase Current hours by 2%. Nobody is vaping Current. Power is Voltage x Current.)

A good, high current battery will cost $7-8 these days, while a lower current battery will cost about $5, and a horrible battery will cost about $3. So up-front a high current battery will cost about $3 more each.

Keep in mind, though, vaping is a fairly high power pulsed load for a battery. Let's look at two batteries...

(1) Samsung INR18650-25R is a 2500 mAh battery, and will give you 2400 mAh at 30A. (See page 9 of the datasheet I've attached: INR18650-25R-datasheet.pdf) It's a power tool battery.

(2) I found this on Google Image Search for 18650 battery. No idea what battery it is, but judging by the appalling current, it's clearly prehistoric. Probably $2 on eBay these days:


If you vape three of these in a DNA 250, you might get 60W, and you'll get under half the rated capacity. This is rated at 2400 mAh. And that's not wrong. It's just a flashlight battery.

When you vape up near a battery's limit, it's going to be generating a lot more heat. This is lost power. The battery may also have reduced cycle life, meaning it will lose the capacity it does have more quickly as the year goes by. So you'll have to get a new one sooner, and then you haven't saved money. Underspecified batteries are a false economy.

For vaping, you want a power tool battery, not a flashlight battery.

For a DNA 75, by the way, due to it being 1-cell instead of 3-cell, the battery needs to deliver three times as much current for the same power setpoint. So for 75W (or 75W preheat at a lower power), you need a really good battery.

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And here’s what EVOLV had to say about some of the chip’s new features:

The DNA 250 features reverse-battery protection, a more robust fusing system, an improved temperature control system, 50 more watts, and two-amp charging. The two-amp charging is probably the most obvious selling point, but being able to reverse a battery without fear of damaging the board is a close second.”

So, as you can see the new DNA 250 chip has been upgraded to handle higher wattages. Utilising the same Li-Po battery as the DNA 200 but giving you more power. So, with the technology that EVOLV has brought us I would be getting a Li-Po with at least 1600mAh or better if you plan on running these devices at such high wattages.

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I went with lg hg2 for both devices cause they have kinda tight battery trays and my 25r batteries were stretching the tray.  I can't say for really high watts cause I only vape up to 120 watts but so far they seem to be enough to handle it.  On battery mooch it said they are 18 amps but I don't really understand how amps affect the performance other than more is better.  I get how volts determine the watts depending on the ohms but not really how amps affect it all. anyway thanks all for the input I'll prob just wait for 75c costs to go down a bit and get one of those since they don't have the weak battery issue the 75 has at least that's what I've been told.

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1 hour ago, poopy-_- said:

since they don't have the weak battery issue the 75 has at least that's what I've been told.

That weak battery issue was merely a warning that was fixed almost a year ago in its latest firmware 2016-06-05. That was not a 'board issue' IMHO, but more due to Battery sag, while vaping at high wattages. For a single battery 75, I personally use Sony VTC5A. For my 2 & 3 cell mods I also use those HG2's.

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