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Therion 166 TC mode issue and mod resistance of VT75 nano


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I'm new to TC mode and so far, didn't really had any luck.
I'm having an issue with my Therion 166 when I'm using 316L, 26g, 2.5mm 9wraps, 0.51ohm, micro coil.

Below are the steps of how I proceeded on Merlin Mini Single coil mode.

0. 316L profile from steam. preheat 0, watt 100, 420F (also tried dropping wattage to 50w)
1. 2.5mm, 9wraps, 26g 316L, Micro coil(to prevent spit back when I vape)
2. 3.0 or less voltage(about 12-15W) to check hot spot. -> let the coil cool down to room temp.
3. wicking -> eliquid 

After all the set up, before assembling my tank, I test fired to get rid of cotton smell.
Instantly, coil gets red, temperature goes over 4000F(screen was reading temp close to 4890 to be exact) and makes fire.

At first, I thought it was a issue with my set up so I tried making about 4 different coils, same ohm and trying it on my VT75 nano. On Nano, it didn't burn and did cut the power at certain temp but after 1 day usage, coil was burned. Set up: no preheat, 55w setting.

I'm not sure what the problem is. For VT75 Nano, i don't have copper screw, so I researched and set the MOD Resistance as 0.013. 

I spent more to try and get great TC experience but so far, my cheap eleaf pico 75w is doing much better job....

Please help...

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Therion: Can you post a proper Printscreen of your Mod tab for starters

VT75 nano: Can you post a proper Printscreen of your Mod tab for starters, and your mod resistance seems way high.

For your mod resistance a conservative value (lower) is better than higher.

Mod Resistance setting - giz method
Here's a link for a quick and dirty method. https://evolvapor.forumchitchat.com/post?id=7522239&trail=75

Read from post 72 onwards. OR, here's the short version.

Mod resistance calibration (giz method)

A coil will work, but the Test is best run with about a 4in. - 6in. piece of tc wire across an RDA build decks posts.
In Escribe (mod tab), set Mod Resistance to 0.
In wire profile, Power = 1 Temp = 0 / Preheat temp = 1 preheat Punch = 1 Preheat Time Limit = 0.
Upload To Device...attach deck with coil or wire to mod...pulse (quick) fire to get mod to check cold ohms (if new coil question asked, answer yes)...
Run Atomizer Analyzer ... allow wire to cool back to room temperature (extremely important) & subtract the Cold Ohms from the Raw Ohms...
The difference will be the Mod Resistance..

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Therion - did not save and I uploaded someone else's mod setting... I will try again tomorrow to see if this will work out and if not.. I will post pics so you can take a look at it.

VT75 NANO - followed your instruction. but one question. do i have to make a coil?? or do I just bend and connect wire??? btw, below is the result I got and I don't think this is right...

Goon RDA clone(24g and did not make coil) - cold 0.421 - raw 0.443 = 0.022
Mephisto V2 RDA (24g and did not make coil) - cold 0.125 - raw 0.129 = 0.004
Narda RDA clone (26g  3.5mm coil) - cold 0.629 - raw 0.674 = 0.045

all waited for about 30 min to reach room temp.
what am i missing... hm......

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Thank you so much.

I've tried few and it seems that my mod resistance is 0.004-0.005.

I also found out that I'm only having issue with TC mode(mainly using 316L) when I install micro coil.

I tried several spaced coil using 316l 28g, 26g, and 24g and both therion and vt75 nano is not burning any cotton and cuts the power properly.

Does micro coils make harder for mod to read temperature correctly??

Do you use micro coils for your TC mod??? if so, did you ever had this problem??? 

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Good to hear, and that lower value sounds more common.

TC can be finicky, usually due to the build. I mainly use 'spaced' everything, from SS to Ti01 (single coil) without issue.

Therion: Can you post a proper Printscreen of your Mod tab for starters

VT75 nano: Can you post a proper Printscreen of your Mod tab for starters.

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