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    Mono SQ DNA 75c Help PLEASE :(

    Wow Wayneo! You are Da-Man!!!! I didn't even try to install INT ver because I thought I had the US ver and thought I may mess it up by installing firmware for a INT chip on to a US chip. Turns out I had the INT ver and didn't even know it I guess. THANK YOU SOOOO much!!! GREAT FORUM
  2. I've got 7 different DNA C mods (4-75's & 3 250's) and I've never had this trouble before. I've gotten the "REPLAY" mode to work on them all except this one. I followed the same instuctions on the youtube video with the guy using the VT75c where he explains everything well and even used his links again. I restored defaults 4 or 5 times and re-installed eScribe 2.0 a couple times as well. Applied service packs as well every time and still it tells me that "Boost mode & Replay mode are only for international firmware and not the U.S. firmware." Has something changed? Am i missing something? I would absolutely love some assistance with this problem please :()
  3. g8erhater


    I've been using the same theme for a couple years because most can't meet my comfort level but thats changed today!! THANKS for giving me a wonderful visual change to my day. I've changed over all my DNA devices to your theme. Well, I did actually change again to the one that the guy a few comments down edited your theme to make it brighter and make the Replay work the way i'm used to. That being said you created this theme and did a Kick A$$ job!