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  1. I don't want help with the coil, I want help with the escribe theme designer. Which I think I'm in the right place for. MY question could apply to liquid atomizer too, they just heat up quicker...
  2. It doesn't use e-liquids. It's a dry herb vaporizer, the coil works like in a blowdryer heating up the flowing air through it and then the air evaporates the material above the coil. But that's besides the point, is it possible to make such a condition?
  3. Is it possible to make a condition that could happen when I'm firing in TC and the realtime temperature of the coil gets above certain point, or even better to the set temeperature? I have a massive dry coil that I want to heat up to a high temperature, even on 100W it takes several seconds. I'd like visual feedback of a sprite changing when it reaches the desired temeprature so I can start inhaling. At first I wanted a realtime puff timer but even that is not available. There jsut seem to be no way at all to time your hit except the fire LED color gradients.
  4. Update: Even weirder, when I dont put on an atomitzer to make it error, the error doesn't display at all on that screen when it should and makes the other image control stuck in invalid condiction again, even in that workaroud version. Is the status control allowed only on the main screen or what? So far it's so buggy on my Face screen that I have no other chance than to remove it. But then I couldn't see any errors if they happened...
  5. I have made a very simple screen with only 2 controls: A status and a picture than turns into a different picture when firing (which is enabled on the screen). Only the picture is and can be higlighted and an action on it goes back to parent screen. This is the simpliest screen on my theme and its the only one acting anomalously: With only the picture it works perfectly and it changes as I'm pressing the fire button. But with the status control on the screen the picture won't turn back and remains in the isFiring condition even when the mod is not firing and the condition no longer met. When I put a condition on the status to hide it while firing the picure turn back again, but it weirdly blinks everytime when it changes back and forth. This bug is really weird, such unrelated controls should not affect each other like this. A bug of this nature makes me worry there might be something seriously wrong. Included the Theme where it happens. It's the hiding status making it blink, and also the *_Bug variant with a normal status that gets stuck. RedFace105.ecigtheme RedFace105_Bug.ecigtheme (it's the Face screen, accessible from main screen's initial highlight, removing the status control in either variant makes the picture work correctly)
  6. Replication: 1) Have a complex condition selected in the "ThemeDesigner.Screen" (maybe works even with a simple one, didn't check) 2) Click Add Condition 3) Setup it differently and accept with OK. 4) The new condition is added corrently but the one that was slected previously would have it's settings also partially changed <- that is the bug. It's kinda annoying to constantly repair those overriden condition that I dind't intent to change. Seems like when it chooses the same settings as default in the new condition, those settings are not copied but still as pointers to the original condition. Also the Delete Control button is very very easy to mistake for Delete Condition (especially if the latter is hidden with a scrollbar) and I've accidentaly deleted the entire control element numerous times. And the Ctrl+Z doesn't seem to always work to bring it back. I think it should be made so it would be not so easy to click accidentally or make an "Are you sure" prompt. There can be a lot of content in the control element.
  7. I have made a theme for myself (I'll share once it's finished). I have selection settings like this: Normal: Red on Black Highlight: Black on Red Selected: Blue on Black My problem is that I also made one editable gauge (for brightness) that I want to behave in the same way. I manged to make in Red On Black normally and Black On Red when "General -> Theme -> Highlighted". Both works exactly as I want, but I can't find a "Selected" condition anywhere to turn it blue when I select it and change the gauge value. Also the lowest brightness setting still feel quite bright, I would like a bigger range (to the dimmer side) is taht possible? Also I have few other issues: 1) I've failed to make the device re-measure the coil and go to the new coil screen when I clicked a button. If I just went to the screen it doesn't show ohms and the buttons there won't work. If I make the button only re-measure it doesn't go to the screen. Somehow I need the button to make both actions at once? Also there's "Measure atomizer ohms again" and "Measure coil ohms again" - what's the difference? 2) I'm incrementing the wattage by 0.1 ohms, but I've made a condition on it that if atomizer.power >= 30 then it should only display and step up by whole ohms. But it doesn't work it keeps it by 0.1 even when above 30W. Why? 3) I wanted to add a realtime firing timer as literally almost every mod does, which I like and find useful. I have searched and while I think it would be super easy field to add, all the threads about this are rejected and dead. So I guess that's still not possible in any way? Here is the unfinished theme if you wanna see or try some solutions: https://forum.evolvapor.com/files/file/1011-simple-red-practical/ Thanks, Seek.
  8. Version 1.1.4


    About: -Simple clean style, focused on practicality and clean design, allows replay mode -Few well organized colors: Red = Default/Selectables, White = Non-Selectables/Charging, Blue = Errors/Selected, Green = Successes -Probably great for red-green color-blind people (although I'm a trichromat so not tested) -Well-organized and standardized, pixel perfect layout -Mono-spaced (non-kerning) font for stable number fields -No complex images, all images matching the style of the layout -No Settings Selection Menu - Other screens have been merged to fewer and directly accessible from the main screen Lock Screen: -No stats (Focused on clean looks, as we already have times and dates everywhere like phones) -Cute BMO face. We are less likely to lose things with a face on them. (Also in the face mode where firing is allowed) -Face colored with "Battery Status Color" Main Screen: -All red except error messages (red doesn't blind you in darkness, and makes the blue stand out) -All features of a default main screen plus the features listed below -Whole unit increments above 30W (0.1 increments above 30W in Settings Screen) -Time field that changes to a fire timer when firing (And acts as a goto button to Settings Screen) -Top-Left Corner = Data (Diagnostics) Screen -Top-Right Corner = Charts (Puff Info) Screen -Bottom-Left Corner = USB -Bottom-Right Corner = PC USB -Brightness Setting is on the Main Screen -Status text on the bottom, above Battery/USB status line -Battery Charge is colored with "Battery Status Color" Battery Status Color: -Red = No Status -White = Charging In Progress -Green = Charging Finished -Blue = Power Bank OR Low Battery Settings Screen - System/About/CoilInfo screens merged into one Data (Diagnostics) Screen - Same as default, Added Cell1/Cell2/Cell3 charge, 0.1 increments of Power/Temp Charts (Puff Info) Screen - Same as default, Puff Index Field -> Recording Screen Recording Screen - Same as default New Atomizer Screen - Same as default
  9. I just ran onto this same problem. I have a coil that can take a while to heat up, so I want to watch the time tick by as its heating up to see when I should start inhaling. Every other mod that I have used has time readout while firing, most of them as the only readout in big font. And on DNA where I'm sure this information is available and I can display literally everything I can't display this? It boggles my mind why it's not allowed and keeps getting rejected when it could be so easy and many people asking for it. Well at least there could be some workarounds - like that LED trick, or to watch the temp go up in TC mode, or maybe I could try to display realtime energy delivered as that is power * time. Update: Well, I've tried everything, all the times, all the energies, not a single one of them updates while firing even if that's checked. Bummer.
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