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  1. Dr. Drax

    How to add firing timer?

    I got a response saying basically that they didn't see any reason for the feature, since you can't see the screen while firing. I pointed out that for some applications that isn't true, and pointed out all the other information they allow live updates of (temperature, wattage, etc.). They were unswayed, and told me they didn't have any plans to do it. I did come up with a bit of a workaround -- I programmed the LED to cycle through a series of colors while firing. I set it up to go through five colors in the order they are in the rainbow with one second for each. (My non-firing color is blue, so I chose red, yellow, green, cyan, and purple). Now I can watch the LED and count the seconds. I hope that helps, since I wouldn't hold my breath for them adding the feature.
  2. Dr. Drax

    How to add firing timer?

    By looking at the screen. There are already a bunch of things that can (if exposed in the theme) live update on the screen while firing -- watts, temperature, coil resistance, etc., so there must be a lot of people who want to watch those. I tried such things as displaying "last puff time" with "update while firing" set, but nothing works. As to why I need it, I already gave an example. If that's not a reasonable example for what you're doing with it, imagine it's 1 second or whatever is appropriate. My guess is that we're not using it the same way. Sure, I come from a software and firmware background and know it'd be easy to add. But as far as I can tell, it's not there now. Do you know where one can go to submit a feature request?
  3. Dr. Drax

    How to add firing timer?

    Thanks, I know how to change the maximum puff time. What I'm looking for is a visual display as the seconds tick by. E.g., suppose I want to preheat for four seconds and then inhale for 6. On some other mods, the screen will show a stopwatch-like display while holding the firing button, so I can see when four seconds have passed.
  4. Dr. Drax

    How to add firing timer?

    Thanks, but that's not what I'm looking for. For example, the SMOK Alien has a timer that displays while you are firing. E.g., if I like to wait 3 seconds to start inhaling, I can watch the timer count up to 3.0 seconds. If I know I only have a little material in my coil, and I want to stop firing after 8 seconds, I can keep an eye on the timer so I don't go too long. So, I'm looking for the current puff time so far, not the duration of an already-completed puff.
  5. I recently got a 250C, and I'm trying to figure out how in EScribe to add a timer that displays while holding the firing button. That is, a field that will display the duration (in seconds) that the firing has occurred. None of the field options I can see in the Theme Editor seem to be the right thing. Am I just missing it, or should I be figuring out how to submit a feature request?