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  1. Good point. When in doubt. Thank you guys for having the foresight and healthy pride to tell me you may not be the best source of information. In contrast to some other sites or forums I've been a part of in the past filled more with people more concerned with looking like they know what they're talking about than actually knowing lol
  2. ***in abscensce of anyone ending up providing sourced material, I'll leave a poll for those that don't know as well as to if you believe they would service the device or not. -- Bottom line is I'm not sure if I'm having battery issues as of late currently, or if I'm just vaping eayyy more than usual. (It has been, atleast since I've started to notice, just since upgrading my Original v2 'DNA Go' , to the 'Plus' firmware, and have begun using a little bit higher wattage) If my queries on the forums, & personal tests in device monitor, show that I do need to have it sent it t
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