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  1. Tmease


    functionality is good. Cant wait to check visibility vs glare in my car and readability of font sizes. its giving me replay on wattage mode using mesh SS316L. gotta see how that "re-play"'s out. lol
  2. Tmease


    Watching and waiting. looks great!
  3. Tmease

    Device monitor not reading live temp

    Thanks for the help! When I simply tried to plug into the native USB input, device monitor worked as designed. That would have been one of the first suggestions I 'd have given my clients at work to try, and I didnt think to try that process of elimination on my own machine!
  4. Tmease

    Device monitor not reading live temp

    Yes. On all 3 machines. Replay works on the Paranormal(sometimes EVEN tries on kanthal, works for a few drags, then device decides to shut off). Changed to Mobo USB instead of add on card, and now the device monitor works fine... following your line of thinking earlier. Would you suggest uninstalling on all 3 and installing international version? Replay working, it seems, but I've nothing to compare it to... re: good/better...No idea how to use the record feature on device monitor to include performance here.
  5. Tmease

    Device monitor not reading live temp

    connected to a USB port on an addon card. Ill try direct connecting to a case MOBO USB port when I get home. Concern Im having is that I installed last week an International version of Escribe-evolve, and it prompted me to update drivers/firmware to my system(may have been usb). I uninstalled that same software later that day and installed the USA version using run as administrator, to make the install work and detection of my mod finally worked. This International driver, appears to be the only different factor from my setup at work or my home laptop. I guess I need to uninstall the escribe driver- that is the only computer I have that the device monitor wont work with, nor wht eCig stats tool open at all... Device manager for the uninstall? then just hope for plug and play? or is there a USA driver I can get linked to for usb connectivity? (and should I run cCleaner to remove references in Registry to the old driver?) Thanks in advance for the help and directions! also the links above for tickets and Evolv Help Desk. Ill wait for your reply before going down the other rabbit holes
  6. Unsure how to record and send readout from device monitor. the temperature SS316l on TC in device monitor on this PC is not tracking, and the readout is choppy. do I uninstall and reinstall both pieces of software or? Ecig stats and escribe suite? It reads fine at work. tried new cable ... Device Monitor reports error on current , power set...
  7. Tmease

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    Resistance should be locked after the cold reading is taken in TCmode using SS316L Vandy Vapes 300 mesh(may need to add the SS316L to the mod, as it comes with the SS316 only... find a power and wattage you like, but mine is 69 watt on fruit flavor eJuice, 420 F with a 90 W - 1 second preheat, with Soft Punch enabled, and .133 Ohms read then locked at room temperature atty. Replay turned on. "Puff saved , playing"- off. hope that helps (v2.0 SP19 Escribe)