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  1. Thanks Bill. Much appreciated.
  2. Freemax M Pro tank and im using wattage.
  3. Thanks for that Bill. It does it on three different tanks.
  4. Just lately I have been getting big ohms jumps on my 250c mod. I use stock coils at .14 but as the mod gets hotter the ohms can jump as far as .40. When i changed my tank to a yihi mod it does exactly the same but any other mod it reads right. Does anyone have any ideas how I can sort this out as I love my 250c but cant use it when it does this and have to wait for it to cool right down. Cheers
  5. Can someone point me in the right direction to change themes for my DNA250 please? Cheers
  6. Thanks Wayneo, it would probably be better just to change things without a reset then?
  7. I bought a DNA250 off of someone and they added their own theme but I want to reset the mod and start again. It has a battery sled running 2 18650 batteries so if I take it back to the first boot will it cause me any problems like not recognising the sled or the batteries being wrong? Any help would be of great help.
  8. Im looking to get my 250 engraved with a wrap around both sides and the back but I cant find anyone that does it! Does anyone know where I can get it done in the UK?
  9. Total new boy question but how do I lock the watts on my dna250 red line and also are there any in depth threads on how to change settings and so on? Thanks in advance.
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