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  1. I don’t get the message to read ohms in replay, So I tried it under Ss316 profile and it didn’t read it but then it would read on the titanium TC profile. I don’t know if this wire I bought is either wrongly labeled or I have something in the settings preventing me from the atomizer to be read correctly. Would it be beneficial to unscrew my 510 pin out of my atomizer a touch maybe being the connection problem? I also went into Escribe and looked at my diagnostics in live fire mode and the resistance was showing to be correct but I don’t really know too much about the temp curve
  2. Yes it is only SS I haven’t tried another atomizer yet but would be let down if I couldn’t use my goon on this device
  3. My replay mode is sensing and i can select save puff and the device shows playing but when going to fire it from playing mode the device reads to check attomizer and will not fire. As soon as I cancel the replay it fires up no problem and still gives me the option to save puff. Any recommendations on how to solve this? I am running SS316L quad fused claptons
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