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  1. Monir

    DL and MTL Settings

    no its not fine at all my advise just change the juice to free base nicotine with 6mg or 3 mg nic bec the salt nic is really heavy on the 0.5 pod ,i migh be wrong but this is my expericene just check and tell me i used to use the salt nic before and i tried the free base 12 mg and it was really harsh so best thing is 6mg . but direct lung with salt nic is not good at all for you
  2. Monir

    DL and MTL Settings

    what you are saying is very confusing by the way as mtl should work fine with the 0.5 pod and also the flavour. so if you want dtl use the 0.25 pod and dont use salt nic for mtl i am using the 0.5 but with free base nic not salt nic and the 6mg with 50 pg and 50 vg with the normal setting on escribe i use the lowest one the blue colour and its fine with me there are some people saying to change the setting to 0 warmth and replay 1 you can try it also thanks
  3. Monir

    PLEASE HELP - hate the orion

    hi,you can use the nic salt with the 0.5 only not with the 0.2. 0.5 is mtl and 0.2 is dl. so my advise use the 0.5 with nicotine salt and try not to use 50 mg reduce it to 25 mg then shift to free base nicotine 6 mg or 3 mg with the 0.5 coil. use the minimum setting the blue colour also you can play with the escribe setting and reduce the boost to 0 and the replay mode to 1 this will let the pods lasts longer but i am not doing this bec i always feel something missing. try also to use 50 pg and 50 vg hope that i helped you
  4. Monir

    Quick Help settings changed

    Just go to escribe and reset the settings. Or u can reduce the number of profiles from 5 to 3.
  5. Monir

    Salt Nicotine

  6. Monir


    The 0.25 is for direct lung and the 0 5 for mouth to lung
  7. Monir

    Best pg vg ratio for both coils

    Thanks alot i am using black note 50 50 12mg and its working fine but the pod doesnt last for long max 3 days aound 650 puffs on the 0.5 coil
  8. Yes these are the setting i told you about .actually i faced the same issue coughing but not because of the setting actually its because of the coil the 0.25 .i am fine now with the the 0 5 coil no coughing.did u try it?
  9. yes using escribe dont worry i tried it and the system works fine and its really easy
  10. hi which coil are u using?go to the setting and reduce the boost to 0 and replay warmth to 1 it should be fine but for me i have to change the pod after 3 or 4 days but i consume around 1000 puff which i think its good to change the pod after 1000 puffs and i am not reducing the boost and warmth as when i changed them i felt that the hit is not good especially with the 0,5 coil it worked well with the 0.25
  11. Monir

    Computer not recognizing DNA GO

    Hi.please make sure that the cable is connected sometimes u need to remove it and plug it again and sometimes u need to close the escribe programe and open it again.and make sure that after u hear this ding to press the connect button in the escribe programe.if all of these didnt work plz change the cable as i heard that it might not be data cable and it could be a charging cable only
  12. Monir

    Replay Warmth Option - some checks

    I used the second 0.25ohm with boost 0 and watt 9and warmth 1 its fine now thanks u recomend using the replay button?if yes what will happen if raised the warm to 3?
  13. Monir

    Replay Warmth Option - some checks

    Thaks alot for ur reply
  14. Monir

    Replay Warmth Option - some checks

    Thanks alot for ur reply what do u mean by this Plus you can use the warmth option to get more nuances of the liquid out. and if i want to use the 0.5 coil as direct lung i have to go to escribe and press the direct lung botton ? Sorry for these stupid questions but i got one and just used the preloaded settings and burnt my 0.25 ohm coil in 2 days using normal nicotine 12 mg 70 pg 30 vg so i m really stucked i feel it harsh so i lowered the direct lung now using the 0.25 ohm to 9 boost 3 so it will be good if u tell me ur recomended setting i just need a flavour and the pod lasts me atleast one week .thanks
  15. Monir

    Orion: Fire Cut Out Time

    Hi can you please tell me ur experience i am facing the same issue Is the DNA GoBoard set to cut out after so many seconds? If so...any way to change? and i didnt find the safety tab to prolong the puff time.