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  1. Aiman Hakeem

    DL and MTL Settings

    I feel extreme throat hit if I MTL but smooth when I'm DL the salt nic. That's why I vape it DL but i've read if you DL salt nic it is dangerous though. I'm changing to free base with 0.25 coil and vape it DL.
  2. Aiman Hakeem

    DL and MTL Settings

    What im saying is I use 0.5 and DL inhale with it because I don’t feel the juice taste and only get massive throat hit when I’m MTL. So im looking for the best setting to MTL inhale because I'm using Salt nic juice or is it fine I DL inhale it??
  3. Aiman Hakeem

    DL and MTL Settings

    I'm currently using 0.5 pod with SteepPopDeez Salt Nic 30mg juice 60(VG)/40(VG) so the case here is I DL inhale it using .5 pod does it will have an issue? If I MTL the .5 pod the flavor taste is not there and my lung feel like being slapped from the inside. My current setting on escribe is 10.5w / 6 boost / 5 warmth / half-open air hole (basically direct lung inhale using 0.5pod) Can anyone tell me what's the right setting for MTL i need to improve on MTL settings seems I bought a Salt Nic juice.