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  1. I didn't think of that. Could be that too. We were thinking that maybe it's the boost level in replay?
  2. I have an 18 watt Weller iron and a 100 watt Weller gun. i got one of the ones that doesn't leak. That makes me feel bad when somebody I know got one of the leakers. I was actually asking for him. I'm not the world's greatest soldering ninja either and he sounds like he has less confidence than me. Which is fine. It's better to recognize that. I suggested he maybe try to find some outfit in his area that would do it. Probably while he waits if he has it all apart when he takes it there. A competent guy could de-solder the old one and put the new one in in probably 10 or 15 minutes. for a few bucks.
  3. What was involved in installing this 510 piece please. As far as soldering and stuff like that? Thanks for the help.
  4. I figured it out I had temperature enabled in the profile I was using. I'm a dunce lol! I do appreciate your help as always.
  5. I am surprised that my searches have come up empty. For some reason I can't seem to to activate replay on this Drone (250c). Latest intnl firmware, same theme as on my Paranormal 250c which is in replay mode right now. I have it enabled for this profile in Escribe and I have a green check-mark that says "ready" on the screen. I have no options for recording a puff though and at the bottom it has this text. "Replay Idle." What, pray tell is going on here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. That's a different issue that I don't know the solution to friend, though I'm sure there is one. On the DNA 60 I was referring to in this thread, the mod keeps firing whether the message was enabled or disabled.
  7. As I learned myself, that message is simply saying that the build has reached and is being maintained at the set temperature. It won't and shouldn't stop unless intentionally disabled in Escribe. If you haven't done that, it will continue to display and that is by design. If you want it to go away, you need to do what the fella told me above. Connect your mod to Escribe, go into the screen dialog and disable that message. It might be slightly different for the 250C, but I'm sure the general principle is the same.
  8. What's the matter with these people putting a screen setting in the screen setting area? 🙄
  9. SUPER helpful!! This has been jist killin me. Of course it males perfect sense once somebody points it out. How did you turn off the message though? I can't find it in Escribe. This is a DNA 60.
  10. One last question. Did I understand you correctly that you fixed this with the existing screen? Or did you need a new one after all? Thanks again.
  11. That you sir. How tough is it to get the disassembly process to this point?
  12. Does anybody know of a detailed tutorial on how to replace the screen on a Paranormal 250C? I have one that has gone white twice and from what I'm reading, it looks like it will get worse. I see people saying they replaced theirs with no problem and others saying it's a bear to get into the Paranormal 250C at that level. I'm pretty good with this kinda stuff, but a detailed tutorial sure would be helpful and likely save myself and others a bunch of time and aggravation. I can't seem to find anything specifically for the Paranormal 250C. Thanks.
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