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  1. Hi Wayneo, Thank you very much; now I understood and it worked perfectly. I downloaded a .csv profile from SteamEngine, opened it with notepad, changed what I wanted to change and simply saved it. And I can now use the same file both for Escribe and ArticFox. Nice. Thanks again. Actually, it would be nice if Escribe would accept a file saved by Excel. Kind regards.
  2. Hi Wayneo. Thanks for your help. I had the same idea, but how do I save a .csv file with a straight text editor ? There is no option for doing this in Wordpad for instance. Subjoined, you'll find one .csv file I have created. It works perfectly with ArticFox. NiFe30 Zivipf.csv
  3. Hi guys, I would like to create a .csv material file of my own - even if I know that I can create the material curve directly into Escribe or download it from SteamEngine, - but I can't find the right format for saving the file in order that it would be accepted by Escribe. I tried every possible .csv format that is available in Excel 2016, but no one is accepted by Escribe. When I'm trying to import the file in Escribe I get an error message which states that my file must have at least two colums and two rows. But I'm writing the data in the file in exactly the same way that SteamEngine or Escribe are doing. I guess there must be a problem int the file format, because I get a message from Excel when I'm trying to save a modified SteamEngine or Escribe file, the message saying that I will loose functionnalities. Should I use another software than Excel ? Which one ? Any other idea ?
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