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  1. Tnx for the tips. Yeah I basically did everything. From changing cables to leaving it without batteries. Still no connection to pc and no charging. But the powerbank option works!
  2. Hi. Last night my paranormal 250c suddenly stopped charging and even can not connect to evolve via pc. The usb port is ok physically because the powerbank mode does work. What can i do? I used 3 different cables and no luck. Can it be because of my batteries that are 1.5 years old? i should state that i can not send the chip to evolv for repair.
  3. Hi I've recently got a Paranormal 250c. when my batteries are charged in other mods or an external charger, my mod shows the batteries at 70%. and it never shows it fully charged. but in all of my other mods, the batteries are displayed correctly. what should I do? I know it can be fixed by the evolve software but I don't know what to do. please inform me if you know the solution.
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