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    MTL Vape Settings

    I can compare ferrari and toyota as long as their primary usefulness is common. That is the very same for the mods. Main problem is dna very complicated and pretty much stucked between full automatic and high level detailed configurability. I no longer have this problem because I'm using my dna primarily just for DL. I'm using my old simple mods for MTL vaping. That's my solution until I get better software for my device for mtl setting.
  2. mr_soul

    MTL Vape Settings

    Thanks for the advice. I will dig into it.
  3. mr_soul

    MTL Vape Settings

    Yes, without punch or anything, I'm using the same amount of watt with other mods I'm using makes me think something is missing. Maybe the amount of Volt makes differences but still not sure.
  4. mr_soul

    MTL Vape Settings

    Hello People, It's been a while I'm using Lost Vape Triade 250C and I love the device as in overall but I'm strongly wondering that, why I can't find the appropriate settings for higher ohms specifically MTL vaping? I also have other single battery cheaper mods which satisfies me more than this high tech mod. I'm disabling everything and selecting the same wattage also trying all other settings punch and etc but still no luck at all! For instance, I also like to vape with Aspire 1.8ohm nautilus 2 coil atomizers, I've tried everything but it's producing weak vapes for this kind of fancy device. I've upgraded the device to SP.38 early framework. I think there are some improvements on this area but still not enough! All advises are welcome. Thanks,