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    I'm going to upload that file to mine and I'll let you know
  2. ASaabDudeSC

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Yeah, I know what it is. Nobody has mentioned it here on the theme page but there is another thread here talking about it which I found after running into the problem. Over in the other thread, they think it has something to do with the theme using up all the off board memory but I'm not that technical so I can't say if that is what might or might not be causing it. Several other people and I had found out we are all using this theme which is what leads us to believe Gauges is what's causing it, we just don't know why. Fortunately I found something that works for me indefinitely until I take the batteries out, working at a vape shop, that's quite frequent so I just carry around a .5/1A portable charger that I use now so I just do pass through charging. I still won't fault the theme because other than that problem, I absolutely love the theme.
  3. ASaabDudeSC

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    There is a thread elsewhere called "Throttling" which has been deduced to be an issue with this theme on TC profiles. I and many others using this theme with Replay mode have run into a problem where the cotton is sufficiently wet, no spots for the coil to glow and we get the "throttling" message when it shouldn't be happening. I won't leave a review until this is looked into as I don't want to lower the review rate you have with this theme because other than that issue, I love it.
  4. ASaabDudeSC


    Okay, I was having the same problem recently, about a month into owning my Paranormal. I found a solution for me, give it a try and see if it works for you. 1. Go into the Atty settings 2. Manually adjust the coil resistance to about .2 Ω lower or higher than the current measured resistance 3. Fire the mod a couple times 4. Go back to Atty settings 5. Manually or automatically change the coil resistance back to what it should be or what it is reading at room temp. That should fix it for good until you change the coil again. I know it's annoying but hey, we're using Temp Control, we have it kind of easy not having to change cotton and coils as often as kanthal users. Until Evolv comes out with a patch for this, hopefully my solution can help you out.
  5. Thanks, so I just pop the tank off and run the battery analyzer at 40w?
  6. Okay, so I had a Lavabox back in the day but I never really used escribe when I had it. I just got a Paranormal 250c and it is reading the battery percentage wrong. It is close most of the time. I have a pair of brand new VRK 18650's 3000mAh and at full charge, they read as 98%. Sometimes if I am charging them via USB in my mod, 4.19v-4.2v will be read by the mod between 82%-86%. I have read that I need to change the watt hours in escribe to get a more accurate reading but the new escribe doesn't have that option. Can anyone help me? I'll answer any questions if you have them.