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  1. cool cool, thanks
  2. Thanks, so I just pop the tank off and run the battery analyzer at 40w?
  3. Okay, so I had a Lavabox back in the day but I never really used escribe when I had it. I just got a Paranormal 250c and it is reading the battery percentage wrong. It is close most of the time. I have a pair of brand new VRK 18650's 3000mAh and at full charge, they read as 98%. Sometimes if I am charging them via USB in my mod, 4.19v-4.2v will be read by the mod between 82%-86%. I have read that I need to change the watt hours in escribe to get a more accurate reading but the new escribe doesn't have that option. Can anyone help me? I'll answer any questions if you have them.