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    Serial commands to see/change Profile settings?

    oh, I didn't mean to sound condescending, and am super sorry if it seemed that way. I was just trying to help another DNA enthusiast. And to answer the last part of your question you can only set the wattage. In arctic fox for instance you can do +15% i hope this helps. btw im just a total nerd when it comes to vaping. It makes me giddy lol. I work at a local shop and am kinda forced to be able to answer tough questions but all my knowledge either comes from trial and error or plain curiosity. I even threw in some self made mod porn lol
  2. DNA_all_day

    Serial commands to see/change Profile settings?

    Yes in the manufacturer version there as long as you are choosing a materiel that is has a tc profile for then it will reveal a set of setting that allow you to adjust the preheat wattage punch and duration. Its on the first tab. Then there is the materiel tab which allows you import all sorts of alloys. Ive temp controlled gold for instance. As long as you know the TCR or the temperature coefficient of resistance ( a really small number that lets the chip know the temp in relation to the ohms) then you can go to steamengine.com and they will make a Temp graph for you that you simply import into escribe. Feel free to ask me anything in case i didn't answer your question well
  3. DNA_all_day

    How to remove original Efusion panel to replace Li-Po.

    Its not so much about the mah, mine is only 950 being a VS and all. Its about the battery whats per hour. Escribe's normal version should have a battery wph calculator.....I know the manufacturer version does. I have a 3 cell with a discharge capability of 11.1 so my battery wph is 9.99 I don't know if that helps anyone at all lol but ya i know exactly what you mean. When i did my first battery swap i was nervous as can be. And since i was working with bullet plugs i almost ripped the positive negative terminals right out the chip-set like 10 times lol. Here is arguably the worst battery ever, to show the bullet plugs. I also threw in a little mod porn of my favorite DNA's : ) BTW the DNA 250 absolutely DEVASTATES the much more expensive sx mini g class. literally no comparison
  4. DNA_all_day

    How to remove original Efusion panel to replace Li-Po.

    lol its actually a loop connector to complete the circuit. There are 2 versions depending on your mah and voltage. There is the more common xt30 and the beefy xt60. Before that vapor shark used bullet plugs which were near impossible to work with. As long as you use a correct soft cell cutoff ( i use 2.8) in escribe's developer/manufactur suite and you keep all the cells married then they are pretty much unbeatable. VS FTW