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  1. Hi, I would like to use the theme that came with my Lost Vape Mirage (DJLSBs DNA 75c theme) and use it on my DNA 250c, but escribe won't let me load the theme when my DNA 250c is connected. Thanks in advance for your help. Please ignore this, I didn't save the Mirage theme as a theme, just a .cig file, saved it as a theme and applied it to my DNA 250c, sorry for dumb question.
    Perfect theme (blue 1 Watt incrememnts), great job! Simple, easy to read, replay works great, luv it! Thanks very much.
  2. benjy337

    Watt Increments

    Thank you very much, I now have 1 watt increments.
  3. benjy337

    Watt Increments

    I haven't checked the internal resistance.
  4. benjy337

    Watt Increments

    I have searched and searched theme designer and cannot find it anywhere. Any chance of specifics?
  5. benjy337

    Watt Increments

    Hi all, In the new version of Escribe I cannot find where to change the watt increments, on the earlier version I always found it easily. Just got my Paranormal 250c and it's driving me crazy.