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    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Interesting, which device/chip are you using? I'm thinking perhaps it's the mod as the same thing happens with a different sub ohm tank I use, there's a third one which I'm going to run some tests with as well 🤔 Do you think if the same thing happens with the third tank, I should consider asking Evolv to take a look maybe? My concern is that with the ohms reading weird like this, it's going to mess up coils.
  2. Rubberducky784

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Hi Awsum That's right, if I screw the tank onto the mod until it stops turning with a new coil installed (which I've always done with previous tanks/devices), it'll ask me if I've connected a 0.257 or 0.269 *somewhere in that region* but if I screw in on with a bit more force, it'll read around 0.16 to 0.19 which is closer to the 0.15 ohms that the coil should be. I'm no expert (obviously lol) but coils are normally pretty close to the ohms they should be and this is quite a big difference/gap. So when you remove your tank and pop it back on, does it even ask you if you've installed a new coil or do you just select "no, use old old settings"? Thank You
  3. Rubberducky784

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Thank you. One other question, what about if I take the tank off for whatever reason like a bit of juice gets under the tank and I want to clean the mod (happens occasionally). I put a new coil earlier in earlier today and accepted the reading of 0.19 ohms, I've just taken the tank off and re-attached it, it now asks if I connected a 0.269 ohm coil. What would you choose here Wayneo, yes or no, use old settings? Thanks
  4. Rubberducky784

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Hi Wayneo Sorry but I'm not following about this "reading live ohms". Let me try to explain what I'm trying to ask. I have a Paranormal DNA250C with a Horizon falcon tank, 0.15ohm mesh coils. If I put a fresh coil in and attach it to my mod, it will do the usual "is this a new coil?" and it will normally read it somewhere in the region of 0.25 ohms, but if I tighten the tank to the mod a bit more, I can get it to around 0.19 ohms. At this point, I will select yes. After using the tank for a few hours, if I go into 'atomizer' and measure it again, it will be lower, like 0.15-0.16 ohms like it should be, the same can happen if I take the tank off for whatever reason and put it back on, should I "use old settings" or accept the new ohm reading each time? Thanks in advance!
  5. Rubberducky784

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Hi DL Thanks for your reply, sorry but I forgot to mention, this is in power/watts mode. Any advice please?
  6. Hi As we all know, when you start vaping on a coil, the ohms will normally drop after using it for a while (for example, new coil installed reading at 0.2, could drop to 0.15-0.18 over time). Is it advisable to go into the atomizer selection on the mod and measure the coil again occasionally as the coil is used so the mod is reading accurately or just to leave it at what it read originally? Thank You!