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    Great theme ! Only 1 issue though, After it "locks" itself it does not go back to the Replay profile, have to go out of colour selection to Replay and click that again ..... Any idea how to solve that ? edit: this is on a Paranormal 75C ...minor detail perhaps but hey 😛
  1. I think we should stop complaining and be -glad- that they will release this function in the 75C also. You got the product without it. (period) Only thing I would like to know is: where can we find out if there is a new firmware for our 75C product ? (got a Lost Vape Paranormal and an HCigar euh what was it again, 75C at least included :p) (I only know of 2 ways, Escribe will announce it or via the site of the mod producer itself...) Thank you!
  2. I assume you will see the firmware update simply within Escribe correct ?
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