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  1. HI ALL, I'm going to be uploading what ecigprofile settings that have been working for me for use with my Vaporesso GT cCell coils, the profiles I'm using for ccell cores are incl I'm using gt cores provided by Vaporesso in conjunction with my Vaporesso NRG tank (awesome tank btw) and would greatly like anyone's input as well as it would help smooth over the use of the device I'm using as well as the life of the coils. so far I haven't determined the setting for the GT 4,6 and 8 cores and that's caused me some very bad (and very preventable) problems such as burnt coils and bad tasti
  2. this works on my therion dna 75 and I love it. great work
  3. hi all, I'm new to the escribe software and I'm just wanting to optimise my device to use my Vaporesso GT-CCELL coils but I'm not sure where to start. so far I kniw my coils material is SS316 but besides that I'm not sure what other setting would be optimal to run this coil. please help ccell settings.csv
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