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  1. Hi all, I made a Stabwood mod for myself using a DNA200 (I know it’s an older chipset now but I got it BN at a great price) and a 900mah 3s fullymax lipo. I primarily vape at 12-15watts MTL but I love the lipo DNA’s. I normally charge my mod every night or every other night. I can set my USB current limit to 0.8A but as soon as the mod restarts, it forgets this and returns to 1A charging. I’d prefer to limit my USB current to help prolong the life of the battery as it’s a royal pain to service. But, either way I was curious anyway as to why the USB current limit is disregarded after the mod wakes from ‘sleep’? I have checked the maximise charges option in escribe and all that jazz by the way. cheers all!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Settings file for the Lost Vape Drone DNA 167 BF mod. Battery analyser run for a pair of Sony VTC5A's. Material profiles from SteamEngine.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a theme for the Lost Vape Drone DNA 167 BF mod. I couldn't find a theme that suited the mod so I made my own. Enjoy! Note: Most of the icons for this theme were used from muxa64's 'Russian DNA' theme, therefore all credit for the icons used should go to them directly. Some of the icons have been modified to suit the Lost Vape Drone mod. Please see a link to this theme here: