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  1. hello Every now I open escribe and the Device Monitor option disappears. [system is a windows 7]. I tried lookign through all the options and the restarting the PC but the only thing that gets it back is reinstalling the software. Thank you in advance for all the help
  2. Lord Farquad

    Getting the raw Ohms from terminal

    Hey VapingBad, I tried running T=GET but it only returns a temperature during a puff. Now the puff is limited by the power conditions and the temperature conditions. So the coil will immediately try to go to set point. So I set the power to 1 W the coil would go to that setting but that would directly affect the temperature of the coil to be 150 C in my case Now i was actually able to solve it by using the R=GET RAW command there wasn't a full list documentation on the serial commands. So I had to use USB port sniffer. I personally used USBlyzer while escribe was running and i ran the atomizer. I got the command by seeing the raw data and got the command From that I can get the temperature of the system
  3. Lord Farquad

    Setting the temperature above 300 C or 600 F

    Hey guys thank you so much for your input. It really helps
  4. hey I'm trying to get a temperature from the coil without applying a constant Power setting or setting the temperature. We noticed in researcher mode we can use the "Atomizer Analyzer" to get the raw ohms of the coil. we were checking the terminal commands in the following link to see of there was anything that would get us the raw ohms What we tried Please note that we have tried setting the power to 1 Watt and then reading the temperature. The problem is 1 ohm sets the temperature to be 150 C on the coil which is not the objective of the experiment What we want to do We want to read the temperature of the environment through the coil. So the current solution we are trying to implement at the moment is read the raw ohms and then use the basic Temperature Coefficient of Resistance.(Here) to get the temperature What we need or asking for We want a serial command that will get the raw ohms the same way that "Atomizer Analyzer" does. (Atomizer analyzer is in the researcher user interface)
  5. Lord Farquad

    Setting the temperature above 300 C or 600 F

    @retird Thank you so much for the reply. I was hoping to set the temperature limit above 600 not turn off temperature control completely. I think if the data sheet says I can't then i'd better look into other solutions thanks for the reply though
  6. I'm running an experiment and I'm setting the temperature limit through the Escribe software. However, I want the temperature limit to be above 300C or 600 F. is there a way through the escribe software or serial commands to set the limit above those?