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  1. Problem with the missing current may be a cold solder joint causing a P/N junction. The N material is composed of electron holes and they are grabbing those missing electron current. I R A Smurt ET, yup yup, the whole family agrees lol
  2. JoeCockBill's Evolv theme with some modifying.
  3. Flog

    JoeCockBill's Evolv theme

    Greatly enjoyed ur theme and it helped me learn about the parameters. Only have messed with the main screen, tailoring it to my tastes. Also saved 50% of the onboard memory by deleting the 2 unused backgrounds (keeping the blue). All in all, you are to applauded for the effort. Vape On
  4. EScribe Suite 2.0 SP4.2, DNA 75 Color (firmware 1.1 SP23), Jjust uploaded and I concur the repeatability of the bug. Additionally, found that while in autoscroll and increasing from 20W (TC), the preheat (set at 40W) would soon start increasing. Also at 21.4W, it would stop autoscroll and the preheat would keep on increasing (up button pressed continuously). Up button released and pressed again, firing wattage would go to 22.8W, the stop. Preheat continued to increase. Continued release and press on the up button would repeat the behavior, firing wattage scrolling up 1.4 watts increments then stopping.
  5. The DNA 75 (not the color) had the ability to maintain the Main Screen alive when charging. I'm looking to do the same with the 75C. I can get the USB charging current on the Main Screen, but unable to find a control to keep the screen alive when charging is sensed. Perhaps it's not a feature in the current firmware/escribe software, don't know. But I do know that i'm very happy with my new Therion DNA 75C and am loving customizing the screens (and learning from them) Vape-On
  6. Flog


    The latest rev of the firmware, EARLY SERVICE PACK (all devices) EScribe Suite 2.0 SP4.2 fixes the current prob. found at the sites Early Firmware and EScribe Suite The white 1.00A works now.