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    I have been using this theme from the moment I found it. That was a few versions back. This is as good as a color DNA theme, user interface, can get. It takes full advantage of the DNA-C color display, with bright colorful fonts, icons and screens. And it covers almost any variable that can be changed on device, without having to connect to eScribe software. Everything is logically located and accessed, that is why this theme is so easy to navigate and work with. People have actually become interested in DNA color mods after seeing this theme, user interface, on mine. Highly recommended! ***(Just) A suggestion to the designer: There are simply too many variables that can be changed in DNA's settings, which is fine by the way. But for people with vision problems and impairments, like my old uncle, working with extremely small fonts and icons becomes a challenge. He loves his Mirage and shows off the colorful screens to everyone around. It may be nice to have a simpler version of this exact theme, with larger icons and fonts and instead, showing only the necessary options to change on the device(Like those on a non-programmable mod). So my old uncle can quit dragging my butt to his house every time he wants something checked or changed 🙂 Thank you Frank65. With this level of creativity, I would give more than 5 stars, if I could.
  1. Very nice theme! Thank you zark. But if possible, please remove the wallpaper from the menu screens. It is very hard to see and change items on the small screen with the wallpaper in the background. Thank you.
  2. For my tests, I tried the Kayfun v5 original and the SJMY clone with single, simple nickel and SS316 builds. The 0.09 ohm nickel coil was reading as high as 1.12 ohm. So to do further testing I also tried OBS Engine and Reaper Plus with dual SS316 builds, and got similar results. As for sending the board back to Evolv, right now its working ok with the old firmware. I figure I should leave it be and just use it until the new release.
  3. I started experiencing incorrect (continually changing, always much higher than actual) ohm readings with my S-Body Nuke after upgrading to SP3. After burning a few wicks, I opened the mod casing and tightened the 510 connection and upgraded to SP4 but still had the same issue. After downgrading to the 02/2016 version, its back to its rock solid self and working as perfect as my calibrated Ohm meter is.
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