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    Really great theme but i am having a couple little issues. In escribe for the profile I am using I enabled Replay and uploaded to my 250C. In the field that shows replay SAVE/TEMP flickers and glitches. sometimes when i scroll over it it will show the TEMP and other times shows SAVE and glitches. That's the first issue. The second issue i am having has to do with the Preheat/Boost screen. It wont let me adjust the Punch bar. I select it but it does nothing. The Theme i downloaded from here to use was the Orange colour theme is that helps. Please advise. Other than that I think
  1. I'm loving SS 316L. I like using nice spaced coils on most of my RDA's and a couple RTA's and I have zero issues on the DNA 200. On the other hand, when I have used prebuilt so called ss 316 coils. I've had nothing but problems. My personal opinion would be to do away with prebuilt anything and build coils the way you like them. It's not that complicated. If you are technical enough to use escribe you can figure out coil building.
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