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  1. Do you have the short one in alum? I would be interested....
  2. Funny, I was going to say basically the same thing, that at over 75 watts or so I get much better than what the numbers say I should with a 3S or 4S lipo than I ever got at that wattage, even running VTC6's. Ironic that sometimes numbers DO lie
  3. Assuming 2600MaH dual 18650's, you would be looking at ~18.7 watt hours, 3000MaH dual 18650's would be roughly 21.6 watt hours, if you could find a 1300MaH 4S that would fit it would give you about 19.2 watt hours which would be a closer comparison, or an 1800 3S would be about 20 watt hours. The 1000MaH 4S I ran for about a month would sometimes need charged by the time I got home from work, for me and my habits anyways, the 1300MaH 4S and the 1800MaH 3S both pretty much get me all day with a full charge in the morning, just like dual 18650's used to.
  4. You, Frogmod and steamer861 and a couple others always have very valuable advice, we don't always agree, but I can't argue the logic in anything you guys have ever recommended, I for one really appreciate the help you spend your time giving, makes us all better for it, thank you and please keep sharing!!
  5. Love that solution, allows for most flexibility, I've been soldering a 3s to the board and jumping the last two on the board, but I'm tied to a 3s on that board now unless I want to switch jsts, think I'll start doing it this way because I just mod the connector on the battery and can run 2s,3s or 4s on the board. Excellent solution sir!
  6. Very good to know, using a digiflavor themis with 3 core 30g wrapped in 38g 316l from advancedvapesupply 6 wraps dual coil comes in at .22 and works really well with replay. Will be ordering a Supreme Plus next week!
  7. Loving this mod, turned out great, ty Frogmod!
  8. I may need to look at that for my wife, she loves her 75c's
  9. That is absolutely ridiculous lol!
  10. I am sorry to hear you haven't had good luck with them. Very impressive, good lord that thing is insane! I haven't been in it since the early 90s, my dad and I built some badass machines for what it was back then. Mad respect though, beautiful beast!
  11. Well said sir. I obviously need to invest in a printer, I think that may be my next purchase. After I get these next two mods built I think I will take the time to learn some new skills
  12. Too wide and too thick unfortunately, but I do have a different sized venom that I have had no issues with. For this mod, the battery must be smaller than 68x35x28, the maxamps actual dimensions are 67x34x27 and I can't fit anything bigger than that in the mod. The venom I have is 4mm taller, 2mm wider and 1mm deeper than what they advertised (although it worked in the mod I purchased it for), this seems to be a common thing as I have an arris I can't use in anything. I have a 1000 mah 4s Turnigy 20c in the mod in my hand, and it's worked great, but I will be pulling it when the 1300 Mah maxamps gets here, if nothing else than for the added watt hours. Has anyone tried any of the graphene batteries out there? Are they superior in any way to a normal lipo? I've seen them popping up everywhere but haven't researched them at all...
  13. So I'm looking for about an 1800 mah 3s smaller than 68mmx35mmx28mm, what should I buy that would be less than $55 for 3 of them and of better quality? If I'm not looking at the right brands point me in the right direction if you can please... Someone else pointed me to Maxamps, I'm definitely open to suggestions =)
  14. Not really buying for the warranty, but I did read that, so my expectations before I purchased were properly set. I was just tired of replacing batteries or getting ones with weak cells and dealing with all the people selling the cheaper batteries and coughed up the $50 for a maxamps and have had one going for 3 years, and another at 2, and a third almost a year into it, and no issues. I'm voting with my dollars until they screw me, then I'll find another brand I'm sure =)
  15. Point we'll taken, and I own many lipos from fullymax, crazy pony, luimier <sp>, arris, turnigy and other manufacturers as well. And I have replaced many them several times cheaply. I typically solder my lipos directly to the board to save space, and so replacing them isn't something I relish. I have a dna 200 with a maxamps 1800 mah that I am still getting over 20 watt hours out of 3 years later, pretty sure over a million puffs on it but I've reset enough times that I'm not sure, plus I had switched the 200 for a 250 board (same 1800 mah battery though) for about a year and a half, until the USB finally gave up so I put the 200 back in it. Now I'm just rambling but the gist is the battery should only be about 19.9 watt hours and I'm still getting over 20 after 3 years and wearing out a dna board on it. Just saying that I had to replace a DNA board before the battery wore out, and all cells are still balanced and charging/discharging at (nearly) the same rates as when new. I check it weekly just because of its age, I will retire it the second I see a weak cell, but it just keeps on working. I have 3, the other two aren't as old but are just as solid so far. Received a fourth today and have one coming on backorder and then all my lipos will be maxamps. I would never discourage someone from using their brand of choice, but in my (limited) experience, of the brands I have used, Maxamps has cost me less in the long run... I certainly respect your opinion, and am not putting down any less expensive brands, I just prefer what has treated me best in my experience. Hence why I insist =)
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