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    Crook79, sorry for seeing this soooo late but the font is "Bohemian typewriter.ttf". Bohemian typewriter.ttf
  1. Now to stop editing other's themes and make my own. ..the overlaps are the batt/charge fields. I do see how it can be done another way now. <---NOOB
  2. Thanks for your inputs. I always have three wallwarts at my desk and the one I was using just happened to not show anything. The other two do show a charge current (a Samsung and Apple). I do notice the charge rate doesn't show the full 1 amp like you said James but it works at least. I sometimes have issues with my car charge part and on the old boards, I always had the rate visible...just to show it's actually charging. But to whoever was involved with the screen development, well done! I do industrial HMI development for a living and I am impressed. Even caught myself
  3. Is there a way to show the charging current when not connected to your PC? I added the charge current which works fine when plugged into the PC but not when charging via wall wart. I'm only about three hours in of owning a "75C". Just messing with current themes before trying my own.
  4. Version 1.1.0


    Lost Vape Therion 75 BF Theme
  5. I may have to add another for then it's charging. I'm guessing that output is 5v? I'll have to get the meter out later and check. But I do like how the vaporshark shows it's charging.
  6. I just made a post about LED now asking a couple different questions but somewhat related to your question. I did mine soldered directly to the fire button and that is a active high +12vdc. What I asked is what the limit is for current draw from this location. The only disadvantage is that its active even of the board is locked. Here is the link to it in case responses may help you out as well. /topic/67065-topic/?do=findComment&comment=903675
  7. I looked through the other two or three posts about the LED and mine is working great however, just a couple questions I didn't seem to find in them. Are the small pads above and below the fire button active high in both locked and unlocked mode? I soldered mine directly to the fire button and i don't mine it lighting even in locked mode but just curious. And lastly, is there a safe current limit to be putting on the fire button connection point (or small pads). Thanks ahead of time and just want to confirm these things since a few of our group members are also interested in doi
  8. Will the single cell firmware update be available when the hcigar DNA 75 is released or before? My device will have a 18650 option in the next couple weeks and am intrigued but the news of the DNA 75.
  9. May I ask how long it took to do one cycle of the test?
  10. Sounds good chippie. Those are pretty much the only ones I use now and never took the time to see how they did it. It's probably proprietary but would be great for our mods. I know when my phone is super low, it charges hella fast.
  11. I didn't see anybody ask about this yet and wondered if there are any issues with charging using one of the Samsung fast chargers (Adaptive Fast Charging/Note Edge). I understand how a device only takes what it's specified at but I'm not sure how this works if you also are feeding an additional 9 volt supply with the 5 volts.
  12. I do industrial programming and it would be really cool to be able to grab serial data and do long term trending on a factorytalk historian. Not that I need this but would be interesting.
  13. I am usually very careful and haven't broken a USB connector yet. I primarily just want it to be wireless for convenience. Seeing how you can trend real time, I'd be trending all the time. I haven't looked much more on an adapter but I still want one if they are available.
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