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  1. ShowerHead

    Huge Shout Out to Evolv!

    Evolv has always done right by me and my mods if they needed repair. It's why mine is a DNA only household.
  2. ShowerHead

    Escribe for OS Chrome

    It's rumored that Linux support is coming to Chrome OS 'Real Soon Now'. Maybe at that time we'll be able to run the Linux version on Chrome OS.
  3. ShowerHead

    Lost Vape Paranormal 250c issues

    Is it reading consistent over time? My main reason for saying that is the lousy QC of Lost Vape recently. If you are going to give up, give up after exhausting all options. Then return to the AF compatible mods.
  4. ShowerHead

    Lost Vape Paranormal 250c issues

    @Photo Pete There is no way any AF capable chipset gives better results than any DNA chipset. Just isn't in the same league. Now, the mods the chips are put into are a different matter. Lost Vape, IMO, has dropped the ball on QC with nearly all their recent mods. Including their Modefined series. Your problem lies with them, not Evolve. I have one of their less than stellar Paranormal 250c mods and find it does odd things from time to time. I work around them as I love Replay mode. I'm actively looking for a new dual battery 250c and when I find it, will retire the Paranormal. Lost Vape is no longer on my list. For your issue, I can partly sympathize. If you are handy, open it up and look at the wiring especially at the 510 connector. Or, exchange the mod for a different one wherever you bought it if still in the return window. Else, bump the temp/use Replay and vape.
  5. ShowerHead

    Pk Mode gone after Update?

    It isn't meant to support straight Kanthal. If it does, consider it blind luck. Evolv does not advertise it as doing Kanthal in Replay mode. I'd think the very name of the hidden option would be a big hint. Unlikely.
  6. ShowerHead

    Problem with tc vt75D

    Go here and set the wire type to Nifethal 52 (Alloy52) that is how that site identifies NiFe48. NiFe48 CSV Tool Click on DNA200 in the table on the right and then download the CSV Install it into the Materials then use that material in your profile. Make sure, of course, that all your connections are tight/clean/good on mod, tank, and coil.
  7. Just run the batteries down to less than 50% and do your case thermals.
  8. ShowerHead

    Material-ish Fire - DNA75c - DNA250c Optimized

    What a great theme! You’ve knocked it out of the park with the 2.0 update. Not a handful of settings slapped together. This is elegant, cohesive, and powerful. Thanks so much!
  9. ShowerHead

    Replay field is blank

    Actually, retird is correct. If it can't be enabled, the right software and firmware is in place, else it would be cannot be found. Many of the 'Replay does not work' posts I've seen and answered are those who insist that Kanthal will/must work. Many of the rest have been 'I made some changes to a theme and Replay doesn't work'. If you have a working mod, follow the directions for enabling Replay, it has worked on all the 75c & 250c mods I've had the pleasure to setup.
  10. ShowerHead

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Where is this setting? I'm blind today...
  11. ShowerHead

    Replay field is blank

    I think you have other problems with your tank/coils/wicking. No idea what you mean by confirm TC material in wattage material table. I use SS430 daily and can assure you that Replay works well with it.
  12. ShowerHead

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    I don't think that fits the usage. The amount used is shown for two types of memory. On-board and off-board. Since I'm asking, I certainly can be wrong.
  13. ShowerHead

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Any idea what on-board and off-board mean?
  14. ShowerHead

    Replay field is blank

    Here's an easy explanation in a picture.
  15. ShowerHead

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Excellent update sir! I love all three themes, but this one has become my favorite. I appreciate the 'phantom' click disappearing. Always confused me as I knew where the cursor was supposed to be.