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  1. It's an Armor. yeah it's still fluctuating between .54 and .53. Maybe it's just time to change the coil.
  2. yep made sure the screws were tight I do spaced coils so that shouldn't be the issue either
  3. built a new coil that read at .54 when I put it on my mod. it stayed there or would sometimes go up to .55 for a little bit and then back to .54. after about 2 weeks, today it just went down and starting reading at .53 and the vape is weaker/cool and it hits temperature protection very quickly. any ideas what would cause this? I took my atty off and cleaned the threads and the 510 on the mod but it's still happening.
  4. I wanted to follow up in this post. I pretty much have the same question and wanted to know how this ended up working. I was thinking of making a rectangular brass or copper plate with a hole for the 510 to go through on one side and a negative contact dimple on the other side, and then the 510 nut would secure it in place.
  5. thanks for all the responses guys. I think I'll either go with silicone or PTFE wire. Any advantages one over the other?
  6. I found this video of a guy testing 16 awg at pretty high currents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPll6fdUjnY
  7. I was planning on using 14 awg for the output to the 510. and 18 awg for the battery connections and ground.
  8. is it okay to use enameled copper wire (magnet wire) for a build instead of silicone insulated wire? I like that the magnet wire can be formed to the creases of the box and won't move around. I've seen other modders use it for dna40 builds.
  9. so i reset the mod back to factory defaults and i'm still having the same issue. i have a resistance reading of .56 and its hitting temp protect immediately and a cold vape at 23 watts. if i override ohms to .58 then it vapes way better and isn't aggressively hitting temp protect. could this be a bad 510 connection?
  10. yeah i'll set it back to zero, but the problem was occurring before i changed it from 0.
  11. i have the mod resistance set to 0.008. and i agree, you wouldn't think 0.02 would make that much of a difference but it's making a huge difference
  12. something is wrong with the mod/chip. i've now tested it with different attys and it's consistently reading the ohms at least .02 low (the one time it read the ohms as higher seemed to be a fluke). once i go into escribe and adjust to make the resistance .02 ohms higher then everything works much better. i took apart the mod to look at the connections. let me know what you guys think. it's kind hard to see the 510 connection cause of the tape.
  13. update so i built an SS coil in my Narda (authentic). put it on the mod and it read the ohms at .63. it was vaping good but i noticed it was only hitting a temp of 135 C and i have the temp set to 240 C and it's running at 22 watts. i thought 135 C seemed a bit low, so i hooked it up to escribe and did the atomizer reading and let it sit for a while and it was showing the raw ohm as .587 ... so i did "override ohms" and put it in at .587 and now it's vaping great. when i initially put the Narda on it was completely cold, i had just finished building it. so my question is, why would it initia
  14. oh you know what, i changed my value to 6% ... i thought it would be better to use a lower value because 25% seemed high to me. do most of you guys just leave it at 25%?
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