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  1. I edited my post to include: "EDIT: BTW: Even running TC with the inaccurate resistance value, I have not been locking the resistance in. The board goes through refinement, and seemingly functions as it should.There is no abnormal resistance drifting. I only locked the actual measured cold resistance in when I was in EScribe running atty analyzer for testing." I appreciate the help.. I'm no expert, but I've been on-board with Evolv since the Darwin, and know my way around as far as testing with a cold resistance, refinement, materials, cleanliness, TCR TFR values, etc... I already determined that the Supbox extension connector isn't the issue.. Everything pretty much troubleshot by the book before I opened a ticket with Evolv, only to pretty much stump the tech who was helping me as well. I haven't had a reply to my last question for a couple of days now, and thought I would run it by the DNA collective here. I was aware that the displayed cold resistance could be manipulated via the mod resistance setting, and perhaps others in EScribe. Thanks to the knowledge base here, my issue has now been resolved. I find it a sad commentary that in 2020, vapers haven't yet caught-on to the importance of temp-limiting in direct relation to the harm-reduction that it provides in keeping potential nasties at bay. There must be so few folks using TC out there, that after a few months of sales, no one else noticed that the resistance readings are off on these devices.. NOT acceptable for a device with an Evolv board. Folks are going to get the impression that their DNA device is less accurate than the Chinese counterparts. The mod resistance reading came out to 0.066... The Supbox is now reading the resistance properly, and I am a VERY happy camper! Thanks a lot everyone!! Happy Holidays to you and yours.. Time to close my Evolv ticket...
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the help. Going into protection immediately as in producing no vapor.. TC does not function at all when the actual atty cold resistance value is set and locked in EScribe... The SS316L material file is the same as I used for years, and works well on all other DNA devices I have. The Ohm meter is a stand-alone unit with a 510. Only made for reading the atty... I would think that TC shouldn't stop functioning when the actual cold resistance value is locked (forced using atty analyzer) into EScribe, compared to working quite well with inaccurate resistance.. I'll post back after I short the atty and set the mod resistance.. EDIT: BTW: Even running TC with the inaccurate resistance value, I have not been locking the resistance in. The board goes through refinement, and seemingly functions as it should.There is no abnormal resistance drifting. I only locked the actual measured cold resistance in when I was in EScribe running atty analyzer for testing.
  3. Thanks! I'll give that a try. Hopefully, it will help some, but the manufacturer more than likely set all of these up the same way, and I'm the only one complaining about a blatant issue when Googled. OTOH, I may just be that unlucky one out there who received one with issues.. I was actually able to pass a cotton burn / singe test set at 420F with SS316L... When I set it at 380F, it feels like 380F on my other devices, 420F feels like 420F in comparison etc.. I do strive for tight connections in TC when assembling / building my attys, so I'm sure that's helping. I'm just hoping that I can get this straightened-out. It just bugs the hell out of me. Why would TC cease functioning and immediately go into protection when fired after locking the actual cold resistance value in EScribe? My USA-made ohm meter reads resistance showing the fluctuations (for example 61.2 ohms, with the .2 fluctuating slightly, sometimes back to 60.9). Shouldn't that work well as the actual value when say, 0.61 ohms is forced and locked in?...
  4. Thanks...It is set to '0'. It doesn't appear that the manufacturer contributed any info, but I would imagine there would be at least a few other complaints out there if it caused this type of issue. I would like to wrap my head around why it seems to be functioning great in TC despite the incorrect ohm reading.
  5. Thanks... I tested both with and without the extension. Doesn't make any difference. The extension is good quality, and gave proper readings when tried on other DNA devices to test. When connected to EScribe, I used the native connector for testing. Given the TC performance seems up to par with incorrect resistance readings, and not functioning when forced to the actual cold resistance, perhaps points to the board being out of calibration? These devices have been out for a few months now, and I can find no other similar issue reported out there...
  6. I recently purchased an SXK DNA 60 Supbox device. Fantastic little mod if it wasn't for a pesky issue with the resistance not reading correctly. For example, the actual cold resistance will read 0.61 ohms on my USA-made ohm meter and other DNA devices, but on the Supbox will read 0.66-0.67 ohms. The 510 connector has a nice spring tension, and does not indicate obvious problems when running Atomizer Analyzer in EScribe while screwing the atty in and out. Strange thing is, TC seems to be working well, and feels consistent throughout a range of temps compared to the same atty / temp settings on other DNA devices which are reading the resistance accurately. I forced the resistance to the actual cold value in EScribe, locked it in, and found TC not functioning at all, immediately going into protection. I'm not getting much help from the seller in China, or SXK. The device honestly seems to be functioning as well as my other DNA devices in TC, but still bothers me greatly not reading accurately. I have no soldering skills, and am kind of afraid to take the Supbox apart... Sending it back isn't a viable option either. What I would like to know, is there any way to manipulate the mod resistance or other pertinent settings in EScribe to fudge the cold resistance reading back close to where it should be? I'm wondering if TC would not function properly like when the resistance was forced and locked to it's cold value if I were able to do it.. Any ideas would be appreciated... If it wasn't for the reading being off, I wouldn't notice any difference in TC performance to my other DNA devices.. That's a head-scratcher to me for certain..
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